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Does Sex Make You Crazy? 
By J. Devi

As much as I hate to admit it, I think the medieval Christians were right about one thing: sex can make us crazy. Blind, no, but crazy.maybe so. I know there is a tendency to think it is the person we fuck who makes us crazy, but I think there is a process happening that is more to blame. It's just a theory, but I think in the end we may find sex is simply the generator of a much larger vehicle (or elephant).

I further suspect that if we learn about this process being fueled by the sexual energy, we could then understand what is going on and work with the process. We might still feel crazy, but knowing why and how might just provide enough (time)warp and woof (woof) to weave a suitable safety net for Surrender to Rapture. Think of it as sex for the new century, sex with consciousness.


There are a number of Sacred Slut traditions that may support this and many other theories. It is my hope that if I provide a historical context and theoretical base, that you might be inspired to provide feed back to develop our understanding for the greater functions of sexuality.

I derive the term "Sacred Slut" from the archetype of the "Sacred Prostitute," women (presumably) who in various matriarchal societies served as priestesses to Goddess temples. Although Plato and Socrates had high regard for their in healing abilities and teaching about love, details of their practices remain a mystery, courtesy of time and any number of patriarchal religious forces.

Far more information about the Sexual Arts survived in the East, through Tantra, the Kama Sutra, etc. Perhaps part of the reason this information did survive was based in the awareness that sexuality is respected by some as a legitimate part of the path to Divine Realization and Enlightenment.

It is acknowledged that intense sexual experiences can spark spiritual awakenings. Some refer to it as a Kundalini awakening where this "energy of transformation" is often seen as a cobra rising from a coil at the base of the spine. So potent is this energy that most yogas are designed to prepare the individual's body, mind and soul for it's arousal and integration. But, guess what happens when you combine the serpent symbolism with the American psyche based on the Puritan Paradigm? It's about the same thing that happens when one admits to hearing a voice, or hear other people's thoughts or get information from non-corporeal beings. The usual cure, call a shrink and break out the Thorazine.

Even if all those bells and whistles don't go off and you just had a good fuck, chances are at least one of those issues from past traumas you thought you had transcended are back in your face with a vengeance. There is a Sex Magic principle that may just illuminate why that is.


When sex magicians intend to manifest something through a sexual ritual, they will consciously channel all of their sexual energy into a vision of what they want to manifest. Without this kind of focused intent, we are more likely to give our energy to those dormant issues, thought forms, behavior patterns, places where our consciousness is stuck. If we have some unresolved trauma, the level of intensity will be increased by high energy sex and the trauma is also energized - to the extent that we may find our fuck buddy looks more like big daddy, mommy dearest or some other nemesis. As if designed to heighten one's paranoia, the issues triggered are often some of the most painful for all parties concerned.

Without an awareness of what is trying to happen, the transformative process is often derailed (often along with our fragile egos.) While we expect good sex to be all fun and light, all too often the relationship blows up sky high - occasionally along with large chunks of one's support system.

I would like to believe it does not have to be this way. What if such encounters were designed, by that same unseen force, to provide us with the opportunity to practice our "I Am That" meditation. That is to say that through this feeling of love and attraction we may find ourselves compelled to be in situations or roles we swore we would never be in, made some of our biggest judgements about only to find we must acknowledge the those aspects in ourselves.

It seems that for many of us, unless we are willing to look at these demons - the madness continues, the obsessions intensify and the drama just keeps building like the orgasmic rise. Others simply walk away from the conflict entirely. Is it possible that this cathartic process could have a happy ending if we knew what to look for, if we were open to seeing some purpose to the attraction beyond fucking, propagation and happy ever after.

If we learn how to work with this process that ultimately calls us to realize our divine nature, not only could we change our lives, we could open the portal to the new century with a whole new will to understand what sex can really do. Imagine how different it could be if we had Sacred Sluts as companions who fucked us into consciousness and were willing to work with us through the process. With this knowledge as our safety net, it could be a whole new planet in only an instant.

First Printed in Instant Planet Volume 1, #1 Spring 1999

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