In Goddess We Trust

Jewelry and Silver Art  by J. Devi

Cobra Necklace by J. Devi

Cobra Necklace with Sterling Silver and Hematite

Between the image of the cobra seen during a Kundalini experience and the shape of the cobra resembling a favored female form, I developed a fondness for the Cobra that ultimately inspired this necklace.  This Cobra necklace has a large Sterling Silver Cobra in the center, surrounded by 6 smaller cobras, all made by J. Devi. The cobras are spaced with Hematite disc beads and Sterling beads.  It is a powerful piece.  I could only make 2 of these necklaces with these particular Hematite beads, which I thought matched the cobra shape beautifully.  The other is worn by the delightful singer and chant leader, Gina Sala. 

If you are interested in this necklace or one with other beads or such, please contact me to discuss the options.

Sterling Silver Cobra Pendant

This Cobra pendant is made of Sterling Silver via the lost wax casting method in my studio.  The size can vary between 1.5" to 2" mostly because of the length of the tail.  It is a substantial piece of Sterling and weighs about 15 grams.  I made the original around 1993.

"Interface"  Cup/Bell   in Sterling Silver

$1,080.00      "Interface" - is a figureground, where the negative space outline reveals two faces coming together.  The top is a small cup and the bottom is a functioning bell, both very female symbols cast in Silver, the female metal. This Sterling Silver "Interface" edition stands at 1.25 inches tall and is 7/8" wide and weighs about 19 grams.   It is made through the lost wax casting process by  yours truly, J. Devi.

The inspiration for "Interface" came through a powerful experience with an extraordinary goddess/woman.  Interface represents the multi-dimensional "relationship spirit" that draws individuals together, for reasons that are often beyond our understanding  - and yet have the potential for healing and joy on so many levels that it reveals the hand of the divine.  It is the Grail cup.  It is the container that holds us, the resonance that moves us.  I continue to be awestruck.

I consider these to be my finest creations.  They can be a challenge to make, thus the expense. I'm working on other sizes but for now, they are available only in this miniature size. 

In Goddess We Trust - works by J. Devi