In Goddess We Trust

"Minervan Mammary Maneuver: The Mammy Slap"

by J. Devi

A new technique has been discovered for women with large breasts battling the "dominator virus" or patriarchal paradigm. This "Minervan Mammary Maneuver" would most likely be useful in those corporate-like situations where women find themselves outnumbered or surrounded by persons with the dominator mentality that has been so effective in justifying the exploitation of the planet and it's other beings.

The manuever is also known as "Mammie Slapping." The visual goes like this: amidst the buzz and exploitative jargon, your verbal arguments get dismissed as oversentimentality and patronized until you wither want to scream, cry or pull out a semi-automatic and start shooting. (And you're not even premenstrual!) Instead, you stand up, approach the pontificate and start unbuttoning your shirt as you look him in the eye. Then you unabashedly pull out your breasts so they hang freely as you move in on his upper head. Just as he thinks it's a fantasy come true, you start swinging, slapping his face with your breasts, with the optional reprimanding in the name of Mother Earth. Five or six slaps usually does it.

This is amazingly effective - Shocking to say the least. So all you stacked women, the next time the odds are stacked against you, hoist those mammies out of that holster and unleash a few rounds. We'd love to hear the results. (1/95)

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