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Sacred Sluts on the Screen


Are you looking to see more positive aspects of Sacred Sluts on the silver screen? You may want to check out some of these movies. This list includes a number of excellent portrayals of women as powerful sexual beings, or situations where sexual attraction draws out heroic qualities as well as healing abilities in characters.

Dangerous Beauty  with Catherine McCormick
Rambling Rose  with Laura Dern

Moon Over Paradour  with Sonya Braga

Kama Sutra, a Tale of Love  with Naveen Andrewa

Henry and June   with Uma Thurman

Resurrection   with Ellen Bursten

Barbarella   with Jane Fonda

Exotica   with Mia Kirshner

Witches of Eastwick  with Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Fieffer

Blue Sky  with Jessica Lange

Cat Ballou  with Jane Fonda

Sirens  with Portia de Rossi

Lesbian/Sluts with Heroic Journey via Coming Out

Kissing Jessica Stein with Heather Juergensen and
Jennifer Westfeldt   kissingjessicastein

Desert Hearts  with Helen Shaver

Fried Green Tomatoes  with Mary Stuart Masterson

Personal Best with Mariel Hemingway

Fire   (Made and banned in India) with Shabana Azmi

TV Shows

Xena episodes with Lao Ma

Star Trek - New Generation “The Metamorph”

Star Trek - New Generation “Rejoined”



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