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Welcome, I am your host, artist and writer, J. Devi.   My mission is to share  experiences of the Goddess and the Divine in each of us, through my writing and  my art.   I invite you to enjoy my latest offering - Goddess Coins!

The Goddess and Sexual Energy, Religion and Politics - and our Future.

Twenty years ago, I had a few realizations:
  • the divine is in each of us
  • women, especially,  can awaken their divine goddess powers with sexual and emotional energy
  • many social and religious mores are designed to prevent this Goddess from emerging
  • our survival and the survival of our planet may depend on us developing these abilities - fast!
I have been writing "The Handbook"  ever since.  It is designed to help see past the social and religious constructs that try to delude us from realizing the divine in each of us, and especially the Goddess. 

The Handbook also has tips on working sexual energy and information about "kundalini" which is known by many names, including "the inner goddess" as well as "the serpent energy."   Given that this energy can awaken divine abilities, it is no surprise that some religions are designed to keep this energy squashed in the realm of the profane. 

While I could speculate on how and why Goddess suppression became so rampant on this planet, I believe we may soon need to develop these abilities for ourselves and for the salvation of this planet. 

To explore this further, I invite you to read "The Handbook"  - but please be aware that this is for mature audiences only.
J. Devi, 1998
The Handbook started as a column called, the "Sacred Slut Speaks"  in 2 Seattle publications, initially in the Crossroads Learning Center Newsletter and later in the Instant Planet Quarterly  (1992- 2002.)

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