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The Handbook

Some time ago, I had a realization that sexuality can awaken divine powers - and that we might need these powers some day soon here on Earth.  I also saw how misogynous religious dogma was used to keep women from realizing their divinity and that of the Goddess.
   I had found my mission.

I wrote/write these essays as a guide to working with subtle sexual energy (The Fine Art of Fucking a Woman) and seeing past the patriarchal dogma (Minervan Musings).  Since shame of female sexuality is one of the most effective weapons in keeping women from realizing their power, I originally called the collection, "the Sacred Slut Handbook"  and refer to it here as "the Handbook".  Please enjoy the essays, several of which have been published many times through out the world, (often without my permission.)

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 I. Minervan Musings:  A Sacred Slut Perspective on Religion and  Politics
        * Minerva' aka 'Athena'  Introduction (2004)
     * Papal Apology: Clearasil for the Catholic Church (2000)
        * One Suggestion for the 10 Commandments (rev 2003)
        * Manifestations of Violence (1994)
        * Bubo-logy (2004)
              o Mammie Slap (1995)
              o Power Pastie Platoons (2004)

  II. The Fine Art of Fucking a Woman
        * Vampire Yoga  (1995)  (the often copied original!)
        * Serpent Energy and the Spine: the Mechanics
           of Blowing  the  Mind  (1999)

        * Subtle Body Sex -vs- High Friction Fucking  (2000)
        * Laser Lingham  (1995)
        * What Is a Sacred Slut ? (1994)
        * How Can Sex Be Sacred?
        * Cosmic Cunnilingus

III. Aphrodite, Relationships and Archetypal Images       
          o Aphrodite (1994)
          o Does Sex Make You Crazy?  (1999)
          o Making Music: Variety of Relationship Styles (1995)
          o Sacred Sluts on the Screen (2000)

IV.  Bibliography ~ Recommended Reading ~ Buy a Book (2004)

These essays were originally published in the Crossroads Learning Center quarterly and then in the brilliant "zine," Instant Planet, both of Seattle, WA  both of which were around for all too brief a time.


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