In Goddess We Trust

Manifestations of Sexual Energy: One Formula for Violence?

by J. Devi
Many schools of metaphysics acknowledge a principle of manifestation i.e., the more energy that goes into a thought, the more likely it will "come into being." Given this principle as a guide to understanding the world as it seems, please consider the following equation: many of us watch movies or even the news where there is violence, then go to bed and have sex with a lover, hand or appliance.

Theoretically, the orgasm is a blast of creative energy, like the flash of a camera giving light to the images in the mind. Without specific direction, it is more likely that the mind will be full of recent images from the movie, in this case a violent one. Then like magic, Shazam! Not that there is a direct cause and effect. Rather, the energy is charged with particular properties and potential. How this energy finds it's match on the material plane is yet another mystery.

*first printed in "Pathways" (Crossroads Learning Center) Vol. 3, #5 (Sept/Oct 1994)

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