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Serpent Energy and the Spine ~ The Mechanics of Blowing the Mind      by J. Devi

Whether you just want to fuck someone’s brains out or use sex as a way to awaken the  Serpent Energy on your path to enlightenment,  it helps to have an idea how sexual energy systems work in the body.   Clearly, if you want to blow someone’s mind in a sexual context, the energy has to get from the genitalia to the brain somehow.

It is also helpful to expand the usual definition of energy.  Think of thought as energy.  Castenda might call it “attention.”  Seth might call it “consciousness.”  I think of them both and call up a bit of awareness as well when working on electrical wiring in a house.  Tripping a circuit breaker is a lot like fucking someone’s brains out.

Also, think of sexual energy as current.  Electrical current, from which there is an electrical charge.  If you can turn your attention to your consorts’  energy,  you can increase consciousness of how energy flows in the body.  Then between bodies.  It is just like running wires for  circuits.    

If you could turn your attention to the picture, you may notice an outlet being where the sacrum is, which is also where the Serpent Kundalini is said to reside. If it is your intention to charm those serpent energies into reaching the brain, then charm the spine.

Electric Spine -jdevi
Working the spine can transform fucking  from being  just genital to full bodied, mind blowing and transcendental communion.  Even the slightest attention to working the two channels along the spine will amplify the entire sexual experience.  At the very least it will also prevent waking up like a pretzel the morning after last night’s poke.

This is not like zipping a jacket either.  It’s about developing a rapport with your consorts spine.   Start simply by plugging in to your consort, by putting all your attention into just touching  the sacrum and being touched there as well.  Yes, there is an active art to being touched.  It’s essence is in being able to carry ones attention to the place being touched and to receive the energy.

Breathe into the touch.  The breath carries our intention to connect.  It’s like meeting a guest at the door.  The motion of the breathing itself can provide valuable feedback simply  by virtue of  the slight motion in the body.  At least there is a discernable response to being touched. 

To both send and receive, we must be in our bodies.   If no one is there to receive the energy, there is no contact, no flow.  There can also be no feedback and thus little chance for improvement.  It creates a thud instead of a spark.  

It may be easier to sense the energy by using inner vision: by  closing the two eyes on your face, and allowing the information you get from your body, especially the hands, tongue and 3rd eye, to form a picture in your mind.  There’s a reason all those Buddhist statues have all those eyes on their hands and feet. 

When attention is fixed on the same place at the same time, there is a distinguishable difference in energy, sensation and even taste.  If using the tongue, sensing the energy is a lot like the zap you’d get from the top of a 9-volt battery, although far more subtle.  Contact of this nature can have a discernable spark.  It is the taste of consciousness.  Our bodies hunger for it.  Our energy beings yearn for this kind of feedback, to know our inner reality has made contact with another universe. 
There are many ways of increasing the flow of energy towards the head besides massaging; blowing, licking, scratching, flogging, etc. Always work along side of the spine, not directly on it. Linger, if you have the time. But do work your way on up to the neck (unless you get some overriding feedback). The neck is itself like a junction box where several major lead wires (energy channels) merge. I think it is the most underrated erogenous zone there is, at least with women.

According to Taoists M+M Chia, the neck is also where one of several pumps is located along the spine.*   They also point out that the tongue is like a switch that connects two major channels of energy.  If it feels like there is too much energy in your head, try touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  This switch called a tongue can help to circulate the energy throughout the body, yours or another’s.

The pumps help to push the energy up the column and energy channels, another reason to have a supple spine.  And then there is the pull.  Doing a root-lock, squeezing the inner muscles, doing your kegels can pull the energy up where the pumps peter out.  As the energy moves up, use the muscles of the diaphragm, the chest, arms and/or legs to bring it even higher.   Remember, if you build it…
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Now that you’ve built it up to the neck, it’s time for the head.   Gently massaging the skull and skillfully pulling the hair will greatly enhance the chances of blowing the mind.    By skillful I mean sensitively raking one’s fingers through the hair like a comb, up from the back of the neck closing the hand enough to allow a steady pull of many hairs.  Care must be taken so as not to pull any one strand too much or to torque the neck beyond a stretching range.  Neck extension allows greater movement of the cerebral fluid, and the core of our senses.** (see vampire yoga)
Give that  brain with some more room ~ give it space to expand.   Pulling someone’s hair is like brushing out tangles in the nadis and getting petted like a slut cat at the same time.  Relax into the expanse.  It’s also a great time for a kiss…all that voltage and enhanced receptivity.  Hit the switch and watch what you wish….   
In Goddess We Trust - works by J. Devi