In Goddess We Trust

Minervan Musings: A Sacred Slut Perspective on Religion and Politics 

Minerva, as she was called in Rome, was known also as Athena in Greece, the gray eyed, "thrice born" Athena who popped out of the head of Zeus.  She is known as the Goddess of Wisdom and War, as well as the Goddess of Weaving.   Combined however, these characteristics, essentially reveal a Goddess whose Wisdom and Power is acquired through the Observation of Patterns.

Minervan Musings is a series of essays looking at Religion and Politics from a Sacred Slut Perspective.  Some are quite serious, some are satire, some strangely strategic.  They generally speak to the role that Sacred Sluts once had and will have again, especially in manifesting a badly needed paradigm shift on planet Earth. 

Papal Apology: Clearasil for the Catholic Church (2000)

One Suggestion for the 10 Commandments (rev 2003)
Manifestations of Violence (1994)
Bubo-logy (2004
Mammie Slap (1995)  
Power Pastie Platoons (2004)

I call the science of this strange and satirical strategy "Bubology,"   after Athena's owl called " Bubo ."  Since "Bubo" also means "owl" in Latin, and Minerva was prophecied to be the next to rule in Olympus, there is speculation that "hoo-ters" will play a role in manifesting the revolutionary paradigm shift to move us into an Age of Wisdom.  Thus the mystical science of "Bubology" aka "Boobology" was born....and after the uproar caused by Janet Jackson's flashing tit, Bubo's Teat Offensive, using Power Pastie Platoons, may be right on target for taking out Zeus' good ol' boy paradigm.

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