In Goddess We Trust

"Boobology"  ~ Observing the Observed

by "Bubo"

It is amazing to see what actually gets the attention of the powers that be, especially in this country.   Our military can be arrogantly rain bombs on destitute countries, and yet one flashing tit on the primest of TV time starts the uproar.  This should tell us something, something we may have forgotten ~ the power of the female Breast.

The breast is, after all, the quintessential symbol of abundance and nurture.  And I must confess, cleavage is quite seductive.  "Boobology"  speaks to this Ominious power, and to it's strategic importance in reclaiming our Divinity and saving the planet.  But it also uses Humor as a way to deflate the egos of our deluded leaders who believe the power to kill is greater than the power to create.

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