In Goddess We Trust

Power Pastie Platoons

by J. Devi

Are you tired of marching against Bush and getting brushed off as a focus group? Wouldn't you rather be part of something that really gets neo-cons and fundies where it hurts? There is a better way to show you give a hoot. Show the world what lies closest to your heart and become part of a Power Pastie Platoon.

Power Pasties were first seen in the movie spoof “Flesh Gordon” given to him by Queen Amora to save the world. Science Fiction, right? Wrong! Janet Jackson revealed the way in revealing her Nipple. She proved it could work!

Short of committing major acts of terrorism, tit is the only thing that really gets them all in a total fluster. But not only did it get them harrumphing and outraged, stirring them to action, it revealed their biggest weakness as well.

Like Ashcroft having to drape the bare breast of the Justice statue, Bushies must hide the truth. How better to make that point than by bearing your pasties en masse like a line of dakinis when Bush and Cheney come stumping for more money and votes? It just might help save the planet.

If this sort of civil disobedience appeals to you, please contact and enlist in a Power Pastie Platoon.  We are in the Seattle area but will help set up platoons in other areas when the word spreads.

Update:  10 years later and one administration later, the battles continue.  If you have any interest in shaking things up this way, let me know:

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