In Goddess We Trust

Vampire Yoga

by J. Devi
J Devi + CR 1997

Tantric Sharing of Consciousness, Energy Vampirism or Plugging into the Subtle Body???

 I wanted to share a sexual act with you but wasn't sure what to call it. By description it sounds like something out of vampire lore. However, I suspect it is more about sharing consciousness not to mention a quick track to an ecstatic state.

As with most vamp fantasies, the neck is the primary erotic zone. It is best approached from behind, not too directly. The tongue and lips are used to pick up a pulse where the juice seems to be the strongest. But instead of going for the red stuff in the jugular, the juice to hunger for is energy, the life force itself.
The person in the vamp role focuses all of their attention on the parts of the tongue in contact with the other's nape. For the moment, those taste buds become eyes, searching for a filament of light, or an response that requires the energy of thought. Nothing happens until the napee responds by sending all of their attention, their consciousness to directly experience the tongue. Biting hard certainly demands attention and is likely to illicit a surrender response It's also harder to control. Gentler probing works well for those more attune to subtler energies and is less likely to leave marks. But they both work well.

With both parties responding with the energy of their attention, a circuit is established. However I would not say the circuit is complete until there is another junction to return the energy and keep it circulating. Connecting (without penetrating) at the pelvic region seems to be the best way to "plug in."  

Once you get the hang of it, you can work with greater amounts of voltage and get quite creative with the energy patterns. The energy can light up the brain and be visible to the mind's eye at least. I suppose energy vamps only suck the juice without giving any of it back. But frankly, I think that not "feeding back" the energy only causes a short circuit that results in normal sex.

Rather than the usual scene where it's pretty much over after one orgasm, it is possible to keep running this energy for hours at time. Just by using the same technique of moving the energy to other areas of the body, it is possible to "orgasm" anywhere on the body, whichever body it may be. Similarly, you can spread your consciousness to all points of contact and put all the energy into connecting with the other completely and become like a wave of ecstatic energy.

With the energy field that can be generated in this manner, some unusual effects have been known to happen. Some experience other lifetimes, some time travel, or experience themselves as animal creatures. Others move the energy to areas that need healing.

As with other vamps, there is the potential to experience the immortal self. I encourage you to try it and of course, share feedback. I believe our subtle bodies hunger for this type of energy interaction. It is also one fun way to entrain the ego to surrender to the Higher Self.
In Goddess We Trust - works by J. Devi