In Goddess We Trust

Laser Lingham
by J. Devi

I don't know if I could call today's topic a news flash exactly. A flash, maybe. I doubt that it's new either. It's just  that it's hard to give a name to a fig leaf of the imagination. I call today's subject the "laser lingham." It's one of the best power tools/sex toys around. You may exclaim "leaping light bodies!" and you would be right. Some women call theirs "energy dicks." "Pranic penis" might work too. I believe I am talking about a creative use of the light body, one that often has the propulsion effect of prompting karmic leaps.
The one hesitation I have talking about laser linghams is that as a female and lesbian, just bringing up the subject of 'phallus' can call up a horde of demons, especially with the average strait audience.  However, I am grateful that this is an audience where so many have experience in crossing over. The specific sensations seem to happen in the subtle body. It actually feels as though either I or my partner has what in my mind appears as a light saber. I can feel it coming in, squeeze it in my hand and enjoy the ejaculation. Their size and character seems to vary with sub-personalities or incarnations. 

As fun as it can be, this phenomenon may not be so much about having a big dick as it is experiencing what it is like to be the other, another, sex. It could be about working with the Anima. While the joy of orgasm is indeed involved, there can also be a karmic effect. It seems to bring to ones attention those judgments made about the opposite sex. For instance, one of my Sacred Slut Sisters sees her energy dick as a growth tool in that she gets to meet other aspects of herself. Not only does she get to experience having this huge erection, but she also gets to meet the dick head in her self and the judgments she has made about dick heads.
One of the growth aspects I appreciate most is how building sexual energy amplifies the ability to work directly with energy. Being with a consort potentiates the power of the feedback circuit to the point where there is no room for doubt. Talk about getting a grip on seeing tai chi energy balls. When a consort and I directly experience the same "imagination manifestation," subjective reality is no longer either "my" or "their" isolated bubbles. The virtual boundaries and definitions of "reality" and "imaginary" shift to a place where subjective reality takes on a collective validity.  Beyond the theory however, it is a wonderful reminder that we are so much more than we are conditioned to believe.

*first printed in Pathways (Crossroads Learning Center) Vol. 4, #3 May/June 95

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